Sometimes an objective view can assist you as entrepreneur or as a business owner to gain a critical look of your business. The main goal is to unlock solutions that will benefit you and your business over the short, medium and long term.  

  • Business analysis   

  • "Pruning or sowing"?

  • Decision making process 

  •  Plan of execution



To start your own business can be a daunting task and we can guide and assist you with the following:

  • Evaluation of the concept 

  • Business Plan 

  • The business vehicle         

  • Basic structure/model

  • Statuary requirements




Since 2001, we have been actively involved with price positioning, strategic pricing and profitability models of numerous beverages and products.

The aim is to deliver the product/brand's  promise to the consumer within the boundaries of possible budget and capacity limitations.

Some of the main issues we will address is to determine if you have over-promised and under-delivered or whether you are currently underselling your product/brand.

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The Franco'B Consultancy can add value as strategic consultants in assisting you to address sensitive business decisions concerning:

  • The organisation as a whole and its strategic requirements

  • The organisation's operation, business and policy(s)

  • The profile of the product / brand range

  • Basic costing and profitability

  • The environment and its impact

  • Business Focus



To ensure synergy between the "Marketing Strategy" and its Execution we can assist with:

  • Product launches

  • Media assistance

  • Public awareness

  • Brand communication

  • Marketing / promotional material

  • Design and packaging



We can facilitate and assist you to formulate a "Marketing Strategy" that addresses the following:

  • Product / Brand & price positioning

  • Product / Brand personality & Value

  • Product / Brand core essence

  • Target Audience and competitive environment

  • Product / Brand evaluation

  • Communication strategy



3-5 Hour workshops are facilitated on site to take you (and the stakeholders) on a journey of discovering the main attributes, assets, identity and possible solutions to your product and business challenges. 

The process is interactive and inclusive, addressing core questions, such as; "Do I know what I am selling, why, what am I trying to say about my product and to whom?"

The final results can be utilised as a set of well defined guidelines for policy decisions concerning; pricing, quality, marketing and communication activities. 

This in turn will assist you with setting guidelines concerning issues such as the choice of packaging, look-taste-and-feel of the product, price positioning, distribution channels, procurement, etc.

The Workshop will enable you to:

  • Evaluate your existing product

  • Define the dream for your product

  • Formulate the unique core strategic marketing guideline

  • Identify the relevant target market(s)

  • Identify the competitive environment

  • Formulate the value statement of you product

  • Create product guidelines

  • Determine the unique selling proposition

  • Focus