About The Franco'B Consultancy!


The Franco'B Consultancy is a marketing and strategic business consultancy.


We have experience in different fields of business ranging from Marketing, Management, Brand Building to the Start-Up of New Enterprises. We are familiar with the limitations and challenges faced by the smaller and medium (SME's)  sized businesses and can equip your business

to be more effective with a proper focused approach.

The Franco'B Consultancy specialises in the creating of marketing and business strategies, as well as practical solutions / "trouble shooting". We assist any size business even if it is still in its concept phase. 

Marketing and business solutions are packaged according to your business's fit, needs and future challenges. The Consultancy is driven by Francois Bruwer, who acts as core consultant and who works in association with  selected strategic consultants and specialists in their respective fields of expertise.

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Transforming theory into reality.


"Do not fix something that is not broken". "To do what is in the best interest of your business or idea." "Honesty and integrity prevails."


Member of Unashamedly Ethical