All Wine and Spirits Trade is done in association with Kaap Kelder

 The Franco'B Consultancy has a long and fruitful relationship with the wine industry of South Africa . We are involved at different levels of the industry e.g:


The Franco'B Consultancy aims to build  relationships on trust,  resulting in The Consultancy being requested to also accept other managerial responsibilities, e.g:

  • Providing strategic direction
  • Formulation of company policy
  • Addressing profit margins
  • Conflict resolution
  • Contracting and appointments
  • Negotiating


Experienced wine makers or a tasting panel assists when required. Franco'B has extensive experience in:   Assisting international buyers to source SA wines and spirits Sourcing of products at  specific price points and / or styles Assisting importers and exporters Sourcing wine for certain brands Sourcing wine for own labels Sourcing unlabeled and bulk wine


Franco'B assists wine farms, boutique estates, wine producers and negotiates to create a business model for their product(s) and a marketing strategy with a clear understanding of the route-to-market.

Please see the Services page for more detail concerning Marketing and Marketing Activities.


Franco'B assists wine and beverage producers to penetrate certain markets outside SADC.


Training can play a decisive role in  the effective execution of a marketing or sales strategy. It is important to ensure that the sales staff; distributors; agents / front office staff, are well equip regarding:

  • Product Knowledge
  • The Company Profile
  • Policies & Better Practice
  • Certain Techniques of Engagement
Please refer to the Services page for a more comprehensive explanation.
Disclaimer: The Franco’B Consultancy does not claim or imply to be the sole agent or sales and marketing agency of the wine producers mentioned above, but do have access as sourcing agent to the wines. Please visit the separate websites of the wine producers to get a clear indication of the agents appointed in the different countries for the above-mentioned wine producers.


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