PRODUCT EVALUATION                                STRATEGY WORK SHOP

3-5 Hour workshops are facilitated on site to take you through a process of discovering the main attributes, assets, identity and possible solutions to your product and business challenges. 

The process is interactive and inclusive, addressing core questions, such as; "Do I know what I am selling, what am I trying to say about my product and to whom?"

The final results can be utilised as a set of well defined guidelines for policy decisions concerning; pricing, quality, marketing and communication activities. This in turn will assist you with setting guidelines concerning issues such as the choice of packaging, look-taste-and-feel of the product, price positioning, distribution channels, etc.

The Workshop will enable you to:

  • Evaluate your existing product
  • Define the dream for your product
  • Formulate the unique core strategic marketing guideline
  • Identify the relevant target market(s)
  • Identify the competitive environment
  • Formulate the value statement of you product
  • Create product guidelines
  • Determine the unique selling proposition
  • Focus


Since 2001, we have been actively involved with price positioning, strategic pricing and profitability models of numerous wines. The aim is to deliver the product/brand's  promise to the consumer within the boundaries of possible budget and capacity limitations. Some of the main issues we will address is to determine if you have over-promised and under-delivered or whether you are currently underselling your fine product/brand.

The end results of the "Product Evaluation and Strategy Workshop" could also have an influence on the presentation of the current/future packaging and positioning of your product, leading to possible changes in the current pricing model.


The end result of the "Product Evaluation and Strategy Work Shop" will aid the formulation of the "Marketing Strategy".

A marketing strategy will be formulated that addresses the:

  • Product / Brand positioning
  • Product / Brand personality
  • Product / Brand value
  • Product / Brand core essence
  • Product Profile
  • Target Audience and competitive environment
  • Product / Brand strengths
  • Price positioning
  • Communication strategy


To ensure synergy between the "Marketing Strategy" and Execution we can also assist with:

  • Product launches
  • Marketing / promotional material
  • The design process of packaging
  • Media assistance
  • Public perceptions
  • Brand communication


The Franco'B Consultancy also acts as strategic consultants in assisting the client  to address sensitive business decisions concerning:

  • The organisation as a whole and its strategic requirements
  • The organisation's operation, business and policy(s)
  • The profile of the product / brand range
  • Basic costing and profitability
  • The environment and its impact

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